Friday, September 21, 2012

Of Breaking Records

Sept 21, 2012

Hello.. hello! Am in the office, its just after lunch and TGIF :) Months (great months) have sailed by and syukur pada Allah for all the GREAT blessings he has bestowed us. MasyaAllah, the things we have seen and the places we went (and more to come, insyaAllah) is more than good reasons for us to be happy.

VERY happy, actually.

Today I have managed to surprise myself by weighing myself. This is after many months of ignoring exercise and indulging food. A LOT of food.

48.4kg. The heaviest I have been in my whole entire life!

Just to paint a picture - all my jeans are super tight. Some of my shirts are tight. My tummy is bulging. It has been more than 3 occasions I have been asked whether I am pregnant.

Wish I was, so I don't have to feel sorry for carrying around so much weight!

The heaviest I HAD BEEN before all of THIS happened was only 45kg. And this was... say, 5 or 6 years ago?

Oh my.

Best part is, I actually weighed myself at the office, in front of all my colleagues. Wow. What a smart ass I am! Soon after which, I just had to text hubby just to share the breaking news. His reply was, "I like the way you are now. Sumpah, I do". Okay :) Alhamdulillah to that :)

But I take this as a challenge! Ok, weight is up. How about a project to lose it back! Huh! Yes, let's embark on a project... we love projects..

So, starting today - yoga after office. And no rice...Or maybe, rice once a week? Lotsa plain water, or apple cider vinegar? Or that cinnamon powder and honey mix? Hmmm?

You know what, I have actually been quite depressed at work.. Wait, the right word would be - demotivated. I do not have anything new to embark on. Have not been expanding my database or skill set. I have been going online on daily basis to shop or window shop. I am turning into a government servant. Yucks.

Then, I go home, constantly tired. In the evenings, I usually wait for hubs to come back.. then we lay down and hang out.. Will do laundry and cooking SOMETIMES. Mondays are lesson nights, so that keeps me a *little* motivated. Other than that, I am like a lazy snake. Makan and tido and tengok DVD. At first, it was on a pretext that we were tired from wedding preps, then tired coming back from traveling, tired, tired, tired. So nak "relax". Haa amik ko relax lah. Sampai put on almost 8kg within 9 months of marriage. Congratulations diucapkan. Hehehe.

But this feels a bit better. Putting it down in words. I haven't been writing anywhere or anyhow since I became Mrs F. However, you have to credit Mr F. for giving me the best times of my life so far.. it can be seen by me putting that much of weight! Haha! Good job Mr F. Me love you much <3 p="p">
I guess that's it for now. Birthday's in a few days. First as a wifey *yeay* :) Hope to write more soon.. gotta find the app to allow me to blog from phone kan? Then I won't miss out on events so much. Hah, download now lah! K?

Love to the universe! :)

Friday, March 9, 2012

Of Checking the Check List

Hello! Another year it is!

And months have fleeted by without any updates.. so many good news to share ;)

We were very occupied with our wedding! Alhamdulillah, everything went very smoothly ;)

25 Dec - Akad Nikah in KD house
26 Dec - Reception in Dewan Merak Kayangan
1 Jan 2012 - First NY as husband and wife ;)
13-20 Jan - Honeymoon in Bali
1-6 Mac - Trip to Sabah

3-4 Mac - Climbed Mt Kinabalu with Shayang!! Another goal achieved!! Alhamdulillah ;)
5 Mac - Island hopping to Mamutik and Manukan

And, InsyaAllah we will be going to Umrah on 7 May this year. Sponsored by the kind Dot :)

Other things we've checked off the list includes:
- wall climbing
- finish a run
- zorbing
- white water rafting (went kayaking, actually ;))
- go on a cruise
- cook AND bake :)
- plant tree on my birthday

And soon to be checked off - be fluent in another language. Am taking Mandarin lessons now with Nona.

Another easy one to check off - will learn a classical piece by heart. Easy peasy. Hehehe.

Love to the universe! Muah!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Of Turning the Big 3!

Alhamdulilah! Syukur yang tak terhingga.. life is glittered with blessings. I get to see daylight on my 30th birthday. Hello 3-series =)

The past week has been a great makan-makan adventure. Alhamdulillah rezeki =)

And what did I do to celebrate my last day of being in the 20s? Here goes:

+ Went to hair salon, to get my hair blown. They gave me nice, loose curls =)
+ Baking goods shopping
+ Practiced and had piano lesson
+ Baked chocolate chip cupcakes topped with choc syrup and marshmallows. Got 4 boxes!
+ Delivered cuppas to Dot's for her son
+ Went for dinner in Rahsia! With Shayang =)

And to celebrate my first day as a 3-series:

+ Good morning call from Ish in Oz
+ Wrapped present for Atiqah
+ Got dressed in kebaya nyonya =)
+ Drove Z3
+ Delivered cuppas to Jojo
+ Went for Atiqah's wedding
+ Went for open house
+ Went to Sg Buluh with Shayang =)
+ Planted my first tree (setelah berhajat bertahun-tahun!) - pokok kesidang =)
+ Dinner at D'Italienne Kitchen with family =)

Reviewing the many blessings of the past 30 years!

+ Co-owner of a company. Our staff has increased to 12 people now! =)
+ Getting married this year =)
+ Owning a house! Sri Ara! =)
+ Completing my Grade 8 piano! =)

InsyaAllah, looking forward to building a strong, healthy family with Shayang =)

Ameeen! =)

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Of Blessings

Moments have passed by and memories have been created. Hope it stays in my mind, as I've not put it in words. But this month, July 2011, has been a month of adventure (Yeay!) and I get to cross out Things I Want To Do!

Week 1 - Sliding down world's tallest indoor tube slide! 50 metres, 5 storeys high at Empire Gallery

Week 2 - Riding on a hot air balloon! At Urbanscapes, courtesy of Groupon. With dearest him =)

Week 3 - Shooting range! At Klang Shooting Club. First time handling a .25mm and a shotgun. Not bad for starters. Got the bulls' eye twice =)

Week 4 - Zorbing downhill and on the water (InsyaAllah)

Past few months, I've also been baking. Quite a lot! Started of with brownies, then to pop cakes, Ina Garten's lemon cake, chocolate moist cake, and hopefully next week - carrot cake. Hehe... finally got something right in the kitchen =)

God willing, we'll be going off on a cruise to Krabi and Phuket with the company's team. Praying that it'll take place smoothly.

Let's pray next year we'll get to travel and see the world more! *Attract*

Of blessings. Alhamdulillah, syukur =)

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Of "Make It Happen!"

This is from the cover of a note book I received from a dear colleague, three years ago. I've always kept in my office drawer, even after moving two offices, and only noticed how lovely these words are...

Make It Happen!

Everything you need to realize your dreams is right inside you.

You are the person who can make things happen.

You have great energy and potential within you to generate new ideas,
connect with the right people and attract perfect opportunities.

When you trust yourself enough, great things begin to unfold to the palm of your hand.

Just live your dreams today and make beautiful things happen!

Reading that, made me wonder... did she read it and think of me?

So flattering :)

Sunday, January 16, 2011


Syukur, alhamdulilah.

14 Jan - He proposed. On both knees. And gave me a white gold ring :)
15 Jan - His family came to see my family. In less than one year, we would wed :)
16 Jan - Sent off the kids back to Abu Dhabi. Will miss them :(

I am still quite surprised by the chain of events, to the point that I got my menses a week early! Actually, on the day his family came to the house!

We had gone out to Ikea on Friday after work, where he bought a drawing table. We'd bought aunty an orange rose plant as birthday present. Then we went to the curve to get the kids' presents. Tiara and pink bag for her, and a car jigsaw puzzle for him. Then we headed to ikan bakar, behind my house. Had dinner with the kids, and grandmom and aunties.

He sent me home, and after such a long time not asking, he asked to hang out at the garden. I made nescafe. I went out. He handed me a card. It says, "Will You Marry Me?" with little hearts drawn all over. Then he went on both knees, and said that he loves me so much and couldn't imagine his life without me. We hugged and of course I said "Yes!" (duh)

The next day, he came with his brother and two aunties. We hosted, with two aunts and two uncles. ES was here with K. They kept me entertained, while being detained in the kitchen. Conclusion of the discussion - in less than one year (one year being max) we will tie the knot! And, it'll be a joint reception. It's here. It's finally here. Alhamdulilah, syukur. Syukur, syukur, syukur.

Will write more soon!


Saturday, April 3, 2010

Of Projects!

Wow. I knew I hadn't blogged for a long time, but I didn't expect that the last one would be LAST YEAR! That seemed so far away!

It's April and a lot has passed. Some were good and the rest not so.

Tok is no longer with us. She went two weeks ago.

Followed with Azri's dad a week later.

May Allah bless their soul always.

Good stuff - salary raise. Medical benefits. And another 28 days of annual leave (yeehoo? or what!) And more to come.

And, been investing a lot of time reading books! (even taroh Marion Keyes and Sidney Sheldon *gasp*) Thank god for Fahimi who bought The Catcher in the Rye yesterday! I'm reading that now (finally).

Ok, purpose today - need to work on projects!

Based on the current situation (read: rather bountiful on the time side) read: 9-5 work hours, I've evaluated that I need other projects (other than being in love with Fahimi full time) to get it going.

We've been having arguments (i hate putting that down but I need a reminder!) that has sprung out of me being insecure. Blegh.

So, I need to get a grip of myself. Stop being so lembik, and revolve to who I was before - strong, independent, confident and intelligent!

Hence, here comes new projects!

Mission - To acquire new skills and strengthen incumbent ones
Vision - To continuously implement skills in enriching life


1. Photoshop
2. Web site design
3. Creative writing
4. Laws of Success
5. The Master Key System
6. Baking


1. Cooking
2. Yoga
3. Piano
4. Guitar
5. Accounting
6. Mengaji

There you go.

12 items.

I will set a time line for each item and blog about it.

This is of course, set after watching the movie Julie & Julia.

Julie, weary with her daytime job decides that she needed a project. It was to cook 524 recipes from Julia Child's cookbook within one year.

I, will do the same.

All the best to me! Cheers!